ADRENERGIK - (120 Capsules)

ADRENERGIK - (120 Capsules)


Adrenal health formula – 120 capsules

We all know that humans were not made for modern life and that the number of stressors is increasing every day. Some people cope well with these stressors; others struggle to unwind and relax adequately. The human body is resilient and has an excellent adapting hormone to help us deal with stress: cortisol. However, our cortisol levels are often poorly controlled and too high. Luckily for us, Mother Nature has given us some wonderful materials, such as adaptogenic herbs, to work with. These plants have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. They contain powerful active ingredients and have been recognized by modern science making them a powerful ally for the body in the fight against various stresses. The ADRENERGIK formula is a unique blend of therapeutic compounds and vitamins that help the human body cope better with all the challenges that life may throw at us.

-Unique formulation with standardized herbal extracts

-Increases overall resistance to stress

-Helps maintain a balanced energy level

-Helps fight off depression

-Promotes better recovery

-Promotes better functioning of the immune system

-Helps restabilize cortisol levels

-Helps stabilize blood sugar levels

Adrenergik ingredients 


Vitamin C , Vitamin B5 , B6 ,B12
This specific blend of vitamins is the foundation of adrenergik it will facilitate recuperation , reduce cellular oxidation , increase blood oxygenation , aid in neurotransmitter production , help with stress management and support psychological and physiological energy production.

Rhodiola Rosea
This medicinal plant is well known for his anti-anxiolytic and calming effect . It is being used for hundreds of years among indigenous peoples of the northern latitude , this marvellous adaptogen as quite a nice scientific back up for his capacity to help reduce anxiety but also to increase the body’s own tolerance to physiological and psychological stress . Furthermore, studies have proven that it could reduce overproduction of cortisol and help fight off depression.

Siberien Ginseng extract (Eleutherococcus Senticosus)
Eleuthero is probably the most documented plant in western europe for it’s capacity to increase vitality and energy . It’s most interesting properties are the positive influence on energy levels , the increase in physical and mental endurance and the reduction of the negative impact of stress on the immune systeme . Standardisation in Eleutherosides make it an optimal choice.

Schizandra (berry)
Known for thousands of years by the traditional Chinese and Russian medicine , Schizandra berries belong the to the top fifty superior plants in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia . Traditionally used to help manage energy and endurance , physical or psychological , and also to reinforce immune system defenses against the different stress life throws at you . It’s ancestral properties are now being recognized as quite plausible , latest studies demonstrate a positive correlation between the ancestral uses and many scientific parameters involved with them , especially combined with Rhodiola rosea and Eleutherococcus senticossus.

Ashwagandha (Ashwagandha Somnifera)
Ashwagandha is a plant with countless properties . Used in ayurvedic medicine since ancient times , it’s probably the most notorious plant/herb in the Indian pharmacopeia. Also known under the name Indian ginseng , the roots of this small shrub are used in ayurvedism to rejuvenate , reinforce the immune system , help the body and the mind manage stress and is also known to be a potent aphrodisiac . Many recent studies demonstrates that Ashwagandha is excellent in many of these domain including , reinforcing the immune defences , positively modulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels , increase concentration , fight the negative effects of stress . Furthermore this adaptogen will help with fatigue , anxiety and depression.

Astragale Root (Astragalus Membranaceus)
Astragalus , also known as Huang Qi in Traditional Chinese medicine , is used alone or in combination with other herbs and plants for hundreds of years to improve immune system function and protect from disease . His interesting adaptogenic properties permit it to interact on multiple level in the body to have a more global approach . Its ancestral use as an anti-viral , anti-bacteria and immune system tonic confers it a really important place in Asian pharmacopeia . Recent studies show that Astragalus really has some interesting anti-inflammatory , antioxidant and also has a good influence on physical performmance but its capacity to positively modulate and strongly reinforce the immunological defense seems to be his most notable feature .

Licorice Extract (glycyrrhiza glabra)
This particular plant is probably one of the most ignored and underestimated of the phytotherapeutic community but if you look closely at its traditional uses , you rapidly see its potential . Asthma, arthritis, bursitis , depression , chronic fatigue, upper respiratory tract infections , heartburn and healing stomach ulcer are some of the properties attributed to the Licorice extract. The most interesting and studied compound contained in it is glycyrrhizin. Many of these traditional properties have been studied and verified scientifically including its capacity to positively modulate immune response, alleviate fatigue , reduce inflammation , helps to heal peptic ulcer and reduce upper respiratory tract troubles and infections.

Pantethine has been a derivative of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) but his specific composition allows it to have many properties that this vitamin do not possess. It is an excellent supplement to help stimulate cellular energy production and is an immediate precursor of CoEnzyme A . CoEnzyme A is necessary for dozens of metabolic functions including proper mobilization of fatty acids , carbohydrates and amino acids . Its hypocholesterolemic properties are probably the most studied of his attributes.

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