Refuel XT- Performance & Super Aminos (40 servings)

Refuel XT- Performance & Super Aminos (40 servings)

Refuel XT- Performance & Super Aminos (40 servings)- CEUTICORE

Myostane MX, Anabolic Performance Redefined.

Myostane Key Ingredients


ReFuel XT is a breakthrough recovery and endurance driven supplement designed to take your post training experience further than your typical BCAA and recovery products. 

Taken immediately following training, Re-Fuel XT delivers high doses of key clinical anabolic ingredients designed to increase protein synthesis, trigger anabolic activity, force feed more blood and nutrients into muscles and shuttle out harmful muscle waste. 

ReFuel XT contains a unique blend of key amino acids, electrolytes and herbal extracts to help aid in muscle hydration, inhibit muscle and joint pain and deliver a sense of well-being post workout. 

This one-of-a-kind revolutionary product is quickly becoming the preferred choice of bodybuilders and athletes for keeping their muscles functioning at optimal levels so they can perform at their best in order to exceed their competition. Experience Re-Fuel XT for yourself and feel the difference.

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