ProMixx- The Original Vortex Mixer

ProMixx- The Original Vortex Mixer

ProMixx- The Original Vortex Mixer - Comes in 3 Different Colours

Introducing the world's most advanced sports bottle!

The PROMiXX™ Vortex Mixing Technology™ effortlessly mixes your nutritional supplements with the touch of a button, creating the world’s smoothest supplement mixes, shakes and drinks.

The Power of Nature Unleashed in Your Hand

PROMiXX™ fluid dynamics unleashes the incredible mixing power of nature’s vortex, for the smoothest blends on the planet!

Lumpy shakes, powdery supplement drinks and time consuming mixes are now a thing of the past. The PROMiXX™ vortex stimulates nature’s very own implosion reaction to oxygenate and re-energise your water – science tells us it could even improve bioavailability too…

What the Athletes say about PROMiXX™

PROMiXX™ mixers are used by some of the greatest athletes on the planet, to help them create the winning formulas to succeed in their chosen pursuit.

Aled Davies

Aled Davies MBE -
Paralympian Gold Medal & World Record

This is a very clever product, so easy to use and incredibly effective. It’s great to have whilst I’m training and competing abroad as it blends everything perfectly and quickly. PROMiXX™ have created a gem here and I am a big fan.
Neale Cranwell

Neale Cranwell -
WPF Mr Universe

Blending Just got easier, No more lumpy shakes... The best mixer I have ever used!
Rhys Williams

Rhys Williams -
GB 400m hurdles & 2012 European Champion

Thanks to the PROMiXX™’s innovative design I get to save time when I am preparing for training. It is also incredibly hard wearing so I don’t have to worry about it breaking when I am throwing my kit bag around. I am a huge fan of this product and look forward to using it for years to come.


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